Alexander Johnson

Venture Capital – Business Investment – Fund Management

Alexander Johnson Profile

Alexander Johnson is an entrepreneur, private investor and fund manager. He is the founder and CEO of Johnson Corporation, Lochwood Capital and Lochwood Ventures.

For several years he served as corporate strategy and investor relations consultant to American and European companies. In this capacity, he was responsible for a wide range of activities in pre- and post-IPO planning, which provided an ideal foundation for his work in venture capital.

Later, his involvement with companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange granted access to a vast array of businesses and provided proprietary knowledge of early- to mid-stage projects, particularly in the technology sector. In 2012, he was cited as the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange during his time as corporate executive of Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, a waste-to-energy company operating in South Africa.

Today, Alexander manages his investments through Lochwood Capital and its auxiliary company, Lochwood Ventures, which is a London-based startup incubator. He is effectively supported by a quality management team and a robust financial and business infrastructure to help build and develop companies with significant growth opportunities.

Of his decision to set up a venture capital fund and venture builder Alexander says: “I’ve seen great talent wasted on poor structures and great ideas failing to go to market. So I decided to make good use of the opportunities offered by my previous experience and network. Through Lochwood Ventures our aim is to provide tech and development teams with the necessary support they need to turn ideas into great companies.”

Alongside his business projects, Alexander is involved with wildlife and ocean conservation causes. More recently, he has been actively investigating initiatives which advocate for sustainable energy production and projects which focus on converting waste into energy. In addition, he supports global schemes for clean energy through solar power.